2022-2023 Community Projects & Investments – NTCA

2022-2023 Community Projects & Investments

Key Projects Supported by the TBID

  • 2023 Local events that bring the character and spirit of our communities to life for residents and visitors
  • 2023 Event sponsorships that occur primarily during off-peak season times of year and contribute to the region’s year-round economy (view the complete list of events that received funding here)
  • Funding of the annual operating contracts for the North Tahoe Business Association and the Tahoe City Downtown Association in support of the local business community
  • Drone Light Shows in Kings Beach and Tahoe City over Labor Day weekend
  • Ongoing marketing to support responsible travel and stewardship education efforts
  • Incubation of the Housing Hub, a new nonprofit organization being formed to simplify and streamline the process and time it takes to create workforce housing
  • Support for pre-development efforts related to the Tahoe City Downtown Access Improvements that will include parking and traffic flow enhancements
  • Sponsorship of the Lake Tahoe Ambassador program, which engages local youth to spread the word about environmental stewardship at highly impacted beaches and trailheads through the peak summer months
  • Marketing campaigns that are focused on stewardship education and responsible travel for both residents and visitors; this includes efforts with regional event planners to highlight and encourage stewardship among event attendees
  • Funding of the important work conducted by the Tahoe City Downtown Association and the North Tahoe Business Association in support of local businesses, plus select programs such as summer flower baskets and winter downtown lighting
  • Sponsorship of bike valet services at local events to encourage stewardship and human-powered transportation

Key Initiatives Supported by TOT

  • Continuation of the free, on-demand microtransit service that is being offered year-round through TART Connect
  • Funding of the Placemate program that incentivizes vacation home owners to rent long-term to the local workforce in North Lake Tahoe
  • Support for pre-development efforts related to the proposed Dollar Creek Workforce Housing project
  • Funding in support of the North Lake Tahoe Express Airport Shuttle
  • Funding for trails and recreation including the Martis Valley Trail, Waddle Ranch Trail Loop, Resort Triangle Trails, Tahoe Cross Country Lodge Entitlement Process, Donner Summit Recreation Plan, Van Norden Meadow Restoration and Recreation Project, Tahoe City Gateway Trail, North Tahoe Regional Park Tennis and Pickleball Reconstruction Project, Tahoe Vista Recreation Area Marina Trail and Scenic Overlook Improvement Project, and the Sequoia Trail Crossing
  • Tourism mitigation initiatives including funding toward the purchase of the Tahoe City Public Utility District’s changeable message sign and solar trash compactors

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