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Is My Event Eligible for Funding?

Minimum Eligibility Requirements

  • The event must take place within the NLT-TBID district boundaries – Eastern Placer County.
  • The applicant is a nonprofit, or business registered as an LLC, Corp, or B Corp, sole proprietor.
  • TOT-TBID funds will not be the sole/primary revenue source for the event. The event is not contingent upon the receipt of this event investment to occur.
  • The applicant’s proposal is consistent with the preferred event investments outlined in the application.
  • The event is fundamentally not a conference, meeting, industry trade show, workshop or expo.
  • The event producer will promote lodging within the NLT-TBID boundaries.
  • The event is open to the general public (spectators), promotes attendance to spectators and/or participants, and does not require the general public (spectators) to purchase a membership, conference registration or annual dues to spectate. Spectator ticket charges are acceptable for gated events.
  • The event will follow industry standards for event environmental stewardship practices.
  • The event is welcoming to all.

Preferred Event Investments:

  • Investment in human-powered sports, arts, culture and health/wellness-focused events
  • Events that create community vitality
  • Events that utilize the local workforce and resources/vendors
  • Events that have a positive economic impact
  • Events that support local nonprofits
  • Events that increase brand awareness of North Lake Tahoe
  • Events that support longer lengths of stay, shoulder season visitation, and that draw people into the mountains in summer and toward the lake in winter

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