Out-of-Cycle Investments – NTCA

Out-of-Cycle Investments


The NTCA’s Out-of-Cycle Investments is for investment opportunities that are not eligible for Sponsorship or are not ready for sponsorship consideration and fall outside the regular grant cycle. A predetermined amount of funding will be set aside. In addition to that listed above, criteria for this Program include a new investment opportunity with community/stakeholder support, matching funds, and community impact. Additionally, investment Opportunities must be consistent with the categories listed above, including community feedback and guiding documents.


The NTCA will develop and post an application for the Program. NTCA staff, in coordination with Placer CEO staff, will vet and route applications to the appropriate committee/committees. If committees recommend the Investment Opportunity for support, the NTCA board will review the application for consideration. If the funding source is TOT, the Placer County Board of Supervisors must also approve funds that support the application.  

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