Community-Wide Surveys – NTCA

Community-Wide Surveys

The NTCA will conduct a community-wide survey to inform investment opportunity criteria and help assess priorities within the guiding documents referenced above. The survey results are intended to provide a data point for decision-making and should not be the only data point used. Committees and the NTCA board should also consider guiding documents and public input. After the NTCA staff compiles survey results, the team will confer with Placer County CEO staff to discuss alignment with county priorities. Then, a request for Letters of Interest (LOI) will be released. A sample LOI is included in ATTACHMENT 2 of this document. Applicants must complete the LOI, including a summary, budget, matching funds, schedule, and measures of success as defined by the NTCA and implementing agency, i.e., ridership, number of units constructed, number of local workers placed in existing housing, miles of trail built/maintained, reduced wait times for transportation service, Etc.  

Eligible investment opportunities must fit within one of several categories listed below: 

  • Workforce Housing
  • Economic Development, Transportation, and Other Priorities
  • Sustainability and Mitigation of Tourism/Limited Maintenance
  • Trails

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