Vetting Letters of Intent – NTCA

Vetting Letters of Intent

After applicants submit the LOI, NTCA staff will convene a meeting with the chair and vice chair of each participating committee to ensure the investment opportunities outlined in each LOI meet minimum standards, including response to community feedback, alignment w/ guiding documents, leveraged funds, and ability to demonstrate a measurable impact. Placer County Executive Office staff in Tahoe may also participate in these initial meetings. Finally, NTCA staff will route the LOI to the appropriate committee for review/consideration as detailed below.  

Each committee will receive a report on all LOIs received and a justification for sending the LOIs to specific committees or rejecting an LOI. The information will allow the committee to understand the entire landscape of investment opportunities, reasons for eliminating an LOI, and opportunities to collaborate across committees throughout the process.  

Each committee will review LOIs and determine which investment opportunity/opportunities to consider for Sponsorship. In addition, the NTCA may schedule joint committee meetings for housing and transportation-related investment opportunities due to the overlap identified above.  

Investment opportunities that meet requirements will move to the second stage of vetting, including presentations from applicants to committees. Committees may request additional information from the applicant and review it before committee action. Finally, all committees may convene jointly to review the final list of recommended investment opportunities before submission to the NTCA board of directors.  

The NTCA board of directors will consider the recommendations and may invite applicants to attend. Then, the board will take final action on TBID-funded investment opportunities and recommend TOT-funded Investment Opportunities to the Placer County Board of Supervisors.  

Once approved, the applicant will contract directly with the NTCA and must provide regular updates on status, metrics, unanticipated challenges, schedule updates Etc.  Should an Investment Opportunity not meet contract terms, the NTCA may eliminate the investment from the Program and replace it at the discretion of the NTCA Board of Directors with concurrence from the Placer County Board of Supervisors for TOT-funded sponsorships.

Currently, this opportunity for investment is closed. Please learn more about the Annual Grant Program, which will open in Fall 2023.

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