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How TBID Dollars Support Marketing Initiatives in North Lake Tahoe

Wed | May 15, 2024

How TBID Dollars Support Marketing Initiatives in North Lake Tahoe

In a recent 101.5 Tahoe Truckee Radio Community Spotlight, NTCA Marketing Director, Kirstin Guinn, shared three key initiatives funded by TBID dollars that fall into the marketing world to promote environmental stewardship to residents and visitors alike.  

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What is the TBID?

The TBID, or Tourism Business Improvement District, is how North Lake Tahoe generates revenue from tourism and shopping locally. The business community agreed on a self-assessment of the revenue that tourism generates in restaurants, retail shops, and activity providers like rental shops. Those tourism dollars then get funneled back into the community through the TOT-TBID Dollars At Work program

Clean, Drain and Dry with the Tahoe Water Trail

  • NTCA is investing TBID dollars into a partnership with the Lake Tahoe Water Trail. The water trail has been around for years – it’s 72 miles of liquid fun – and this partnership expands education around stopping the spread of invasive species in Lake Tahoe and the surrounding lakes. This campaign focuses on the role that “Clean, Drained, and Dry” plays when it comes to inflatable paddleboards. New Zealand Mud Snails can be transported in just a few drops of water – think about the water that collects in the folds of a paddleboard or the paddle. NTCA is enabling the Lake Tahoe Water Trail to expand its outreach to rental shops in North Lake Tahoe’s drive-up markets and educate paddleboarders about the importance of “Clean, Drain, and Dry” before they launch. 
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Expanding Bike Valets with the Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition

  • NTCA is working with the Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition to create more bike valets around the North Shore this summer. Last summer, the Bicycle Coalition, a group of passionate and entirely volunteer locals, wanted to offer more bike valets around North Lake Tahoe but needed resource support to execute the vision. This summer, TBID dollars will enable the organization to purchase additional valet set-ups and hire a part-time coordinator to increase bike valets in the region, reducing cars on the road.
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Sierra Nevada Alliance Ambassador Program

  • For the second consecutive summer, NTCA is investing in the Sierra Nevada Alliance Ambassador program. In partnership with the Sierra Nevada Alliance and Truckee Trails, the program hires local youth to hang out on popular beaches and trailheads and talk to people about responsible stewardship, model good behavior, and hand out dog poop bags. This is an impactful way for young people to interact with the public. They also provide data for the UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center, and in some cases, they even find smoldering illegal campfires and put them out. NTCA plans to continue to grow this program with our partners and make it the most coveted summer job in Tahoe!
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These partnerships are an invaluable piece of the puzzle when it comes to human impact mitigation around North Lake Tahoe. They are a great investment of TOT-TBID Dollars At Work.