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We are committed to building a successful, sustainable future for North Lake Tahoe that includes economic health, community vitality and environmental stewardship.

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Realizing Our Vision: Our efforts are focused on creating a distinctive destination with a thriving and sustainable economy that benefits residents, businesses, and visitors.

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2024 Summer Road Construction Resources and Updates

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How TBID Dollars Support Marketing Initiatives in North Lake Tahoe

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May 18

Washoe Led Community Gathering: Stewarding Knowledges Ditde’huya lada’êšip hulew

May 25-26

Made in Tahoe

May 30

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Guiding the Investment of TOT & TBID Dollars

  • TBID Advisory/Zone 1

    MON | MAY 204, 2024

  • Board of Directors

    WED | JUNE 5, 2024

  • Business & Chamber Advisory Committee

    TUES | JUNE 11, 2024

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