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Am I eligible to apply?

You are eligible to apply for the Annual Grant Cycle if you meet the following minimum eligibility requirements:

  • The applicant is a nonprofit, government agency, or business registered as an LLC, Corp, or B Corp, sole proprietor.
  • The applicant provides services or conducts business in the North Lake Tahoe community, including the Placer County portion of the Lake Tahoe Basin, the 267 and 89 corridors, and Donner Summit (for TOT funds only).
  • The applicant’s proposal is consistent with the preferred investments outlined in priority areas
  • The proposal demonstrates public benefit, i.e., all residents within defined boundaries, and is not or would not be considered a gift of public funds.
    • The California gift of public funds doctrine set forth in the California Constitution, Article XVI, § 6, prohibits the giving or lending of public funds to any person or entity, public or private. “In determining whether an appropriation of state funds or property is to be considered a gift, the primary question is whether the funds are to be used for a “public” or “private” purpose. If they are for a “public purpose”, they are not a gift within the meaning of [§6 of art. XVI]. If an expenditure serves a primary public purpose, it is not a gift even if it incidentally benefits an individual.
  • Placer County or other agencies do not already fund the investment; however, proposals to enhance or expand the investment are eligible.

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