How will my application be scored and reviewed? – NTCA

How will my application be scored and reviewed?

After your application is received:

  • It will be reviewed by NTCA staff for eligibility.
  • The application will then be passed onto the Chairs/Vice Chairs of the TOT, CAP, Zone 1 and TBID Advisory committees and Placer County Executive Staff for review and routing to the appropriate recommending committee.
  • Between January 24 and February 7, committee members will read applications and ask questions of applicants through Submittable and via NTCA staff in preparation for applicant presentations.
  • On either February 13 or 14, you will then be asked to present your project/program to committees.
  • Committee members will then score your application using the scoring criteria
  • Your application will also be scored by NTCA staff for match requirements using the match scoring matrix
  • Final recommendations by committees will be made on March 13 and 14 and will go before the NTCA Board for approval on April 3 for TBID funds and April 23 for TOT funds. 

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