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What is the NTCA's Investment Philosophy?

Investment in human-powered sports, arts, culture and health and wellness-focused events is an important part of the vitality of the North Lake Tahoe community.  Recognizing this, the Chamber Advisory Committee and the NTCA Board of Directors have allocated funds to support local organizations and event producers in bringing such programming to the North Lake Tahoe area. 

Additionally, the Event Investment program aims to provide a clear and strategic approach to allocate North Lake Tahoe Tourism Business Improvement District (“NLT-TBID”) assessment funds to promote community vitality, environmental stewardship, and economic health in the North Lake Tahoe region.

Creating the program framework involved close collaboration and feedback from multiple committees, including participation in vetting program criteria, providing insights, and contributing to refining the investment structure.

Since the North Tahoe Community Alliance (NTCA) promotes and manages visitation and collaborates to achieve economic health, community vitality, and environmental stewardship to benefit our residents, businesses, and visitors, the event investments will be scored on the three pillars of economic health, community vitality, and environmental stewardship.

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