TOT Advisory Committee Toolkit – NTCA

TOT Advisory Committee Toolkit

Welcome to the TOT Advisory Committee! We are excited that you are part of the committee and that you are dedicating your time to help build a sustainable North Lake Tahoe community. 

Before we dive into the specifics,

Learn more about the committee makeup and meetings

After you’ve read through and bookmarked the committee webpage above, which is where you’ll find information on meetings and agendas each month, read on to learn more about the responsibilities of this committee.

What does NTCA's Strategic Plan & Organizational Chart look like?
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What are the committee roles and responsibilities?
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What is the expected time commitment for this committee?
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What types of projects and programs does this committee fund?
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Who do I contact with questions?
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The TOT-TBID Dollars At Work program is powered by the North Tahoe business community. Thank you to the business owners who created the Tourism Business Improvement District.