Patrick Yun – NTCA

Patrick Yun

Patrick Yun is a content creator and marketing specialist driven by a passion for creative storytelling. Growing up in the small town of Leonia, New Jersey, he was captivated by the world around him from an early age, documenting the adventures of his friends with a camera in hand, whether it was biking through their hometown or skating their way to Central Park in Manhattan. After earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Sciences, Patrick ventured into the ski industry in northern California, where he honed his skills in social media strategy and video creation, working with companies like Flylow Gear and RMU. Patrick then transitioned into destination management, joining the marketing team at NTCA. This opportunity allows him to blend his expertise in digital creation with his passion for showcasing the beauty and fostering stewardship of the North Tahoe region. He is dedicated to leveraging his skills in social media strategy and video production to make a meaningful impact by connecting with audiences, inspiring them, and improving engagement. He is honored to contribute to the growth and mission of the North Tahoe Community Alliance through compelling visual narratives.

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