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North Lake Tahoe Workforce Vanpool

Partner Agency:

Amount Funded:


Funding Committee(s):

TOT & TBID Advisory Committees

  • Collaboration between Mountaineer
  • Transit Company (MTC) and Truckee
  • North Tahoe Transportation Management Association (TNT/TMA)
  • Serve the whole geographic area of Eastern Placer County businesses
  • Place vans on the road to help employees get from their homes to work without using their personal vehicles, reducing passenger miles traveled
  • Conduct a program assessment to better understand needs of all businesses
  • Conduct an employer/employee outreach campaign

Recent Updates:

The North Lake Tahoe Workforce Vanpool Program is now available! The program facilitates commuting for Eastern Placer County residents, matching riders with similar work schedules and geographic locations. Customized vanpools are provided by Commute with Enterprise, offering vehicles, insurance, maintenance, and support for groups of four or more. Participants can select from a range of vehicles and optional features to enhance their commuting experience.