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TOT-TBID Dollars at Work Program

The TOT-TBID Dollars at Work Program aims to invest in programs, projects, services, and limited maintenance activities to achieve economic health, community vitality, and environmental sustainability that benefits residents, businesses, and visitors.

In addition, this Program aims to provide a clear and strategic approach to allocate Transient Occupancy Tax (“TOT”) and North Lake Tahoe Tourism Business Improvement District (“NLT-TBID”) assessment funds to promote community well-being and economic growth in the North Lake Tahoe region. 

The development of how the TOT-TBID Dollars At Work Program would be used to reinvest funds in the community involved close collaboration and feedback from four committees, including the TBID Advisory, Zone 1, Transient Occupancy Tax Committee, and Capital Projects Advisory Committee. Each committee participated in a series of meetings where they vetted program components, provided insights, and contributed to refining the program structure.

In addition, we conducted a comprehensive community survey to gather input from residents and stakeholders. This valuable feedback has been incorporated into the program to ensure it accurately reflects the needs, priorities, and aspirations of the North Tahoe community. The result is a comprehensive and well-considered framework that aligns with the goals and priorities of the North Tahoe Community Alliance and Placer County Board, and provides a mechanism by which businesses, non-profits, regional agencies and other can request investment. 

For any help or questions related to applying for funding, please reach out to [email protected].

Learn more about the program from NTCA CEO, Tony Karwowski.

Program Elements

Program elements are divided into four key buckets, including:  

event funding

Event funding is provided annually to local and large events that bring the character and spirit of our communities to life for residents and visitors. Generated by the NLT-TBID, the funding is awarded at the recommendation of the volunteer Chamber Advisory Committee convened by the NTCA.

Event sponsorship funds support large events that occur primarily during off-peak season times of the year and contribute to North Lake Tahoe’s year-round economy. Historically, these events are human-powered sports, cultural, health and wellness-focused.

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Current community
projects / investments

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The TOT-TBID Dollars At Work program is powered by the North Tahoe business community. Thank you to the business owners who created the Tourism Business Improvement District.