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Tahoe Wildfire Preparedness Guide

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TBID Advisory Committee

  • Tahoe Weekly has created a Tahoe Wildfire Preparedness Guide for 4 years, including the recent publication in 2024.
  • The guide provides critical wildfire preparedness information for locals, visitors, and vacation homeowners
  • Expand the reach of this information
  • Produce a standalone publication
  • Distribute during spring to align with Lake Tahoe Wildfire Awareness
  • Month and National Community Wildfire Preparedness Day (both in May)
  • Produce a 50,000-copy publication for community distribution

Recent Updates

Tahoe Guide is proud to present the 4th annual Tahoe Wildfire Preparedness Guide as a standalone publication for the first time in 2024. This guide provides resources for residents, vacation homeowners and visitors to prepare for a wildfire. The guide is a resource to be informed about local conditions; to create defensible space and take steps to safeguard homes and businesses against the threats of wildfires; to prepare your home, your family and your business in case of an evacuation; and tips on what to do if evacuation warnings and/or orders are issued and you need to leave.