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RSVP for the October 17 Community Investment Showcase

Fri | Sep 22, 2023

RSVP for the October 17 Community Investment Showcase

Join us to learn more about the transformative projects funded through the
Community Vitality & Economic Health Investment Program
and see your TOT TBID Dollars At Work

October 17, 2023 | 4:00 – 6:00 p.m.
North Tahoe Events Center in Kings Beach

Lake Tahoe Stewardship Plan Draws National Attention

Wed | Sep 20, 2023

Lake Tahoe Stewardship Plan Draws National Attention

The multi-jurisdictional development of the Lake Tahoe Destination Stewardship Plan and efforts to educate visitors about how to help take care of Tahoe has drawn the attention of national media outlets, including CNN Travel and Comstock’s in recent weeks.

Saving Lake Tahoe
Ashleigh Goodwin
September 11, 2023

The monster that feeds and eats away at Lake Tahoe
CNN Travel
Kimberley Lovato
September 7, 2023

In addition, in early August, NTCA president and CEO Tony Karwowski, Travel North Tahoe Nevada president and CEO Andy Chapman, and Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority CEO Carol Chaplin penned the joint op-ed you’ll find below. This op-ed was recently published in the Tahoe Daily Tribune.

To Take Care of Tahoe, Everyone Has a Role to Play.

By Tony Karwowski, Andy Chapman, and Carol Chaplin

Recent news stories have highlighted some of the impacts of tourism in Tahoe. While some of the efforts underway to help reduce human impacts and shift behaviors are mentioned, those stories rarely emphasize how reliant Tahoe’s economy is on tourism. After all, it is what supports local businesses and puts many of our friends and neighbors to work. Stories about tourism also rarely talk about how everyone has a role to play. Locals — “long-time residents” or “community members”, as one contributing writer recently said, have just as much responsibility as those who visit to change their behaviors and help take care of Tahoe.

For decades, Lake Tahoe’s local economy has relied on visitors and the many businesses that provide lodging, food and beverage service, and year-round outdoor recreation opportunities. Although the region had a robust tourism economy prior to 2020, the pandemic shifted how, when and where people spent time in Tahoe.

According to a report released by Dean Runyon Associates in March 2022, second homeowners came and stayed with greater frequency, and overnight visitation declined in favor of day visits by those located within an easy drive. This is common knowledge at this point, felt by all who lived here prior to and through the pandemic.

What is less understood, however, is that as a result, travel spending declined by nearly 12%. Local job opportunities declined by 16%, and it diminished tax revenues that are used to reinvest in community infrastructure by 12%. The increase in day visit traffic also highlighted the glaring limitations of our existing infrastructure — from transportation to trash.

Lake Tahoe has always been a desirable destination to live, work and play. Visiting Tahoe is perhaps what inspired so many of us to move here. That’s why we continue to do everything we can to make a living and keep calling it “home.” It’s also why there’s agreement that there’s more to be done to take care of this special place, and why our organizations have shifted their efforts from destination marketing to destination management and stewardship.

Lake Tahoe is not a national park, and therefore cannot “close the gates.” The Tahoe Basin is located within National Forest lands that are open to the public, so telling people not to come is not possible. Residents and visitors are equally welcome to recreate in Tahoe and enjoy all the region has to offer. The paradigm shift that’s needed is for everyone — whether you live here part-time, full-time, or are visiting — to help take care of Tahoe. That means practicing leave no trace principles, changing your own behaviors by getting out of the car and making use of paved and dirt trails, using public transportation options or carpooling whenever possible, and supporting local businesses.

An extensive stakeholder engagement and community visioning process began in early 2022 after our community felt the challenges initially brought on by the pandemic. Unlike other communities trying to create similar plans after experiencing similar challenges, the Lake Tahoe Destination Stewardship Plan represents an unprecedented collaboration of 17 regional organizations from different jurisdictions. It includes the formation of the first destination stewardship council that represents the greater Tahoe region, outlines a comprehensive framework, and sets in motion action priorities to better manage outdoor recreation and tourism. Its goals also include ensuring the sustainability and preservation of an iconic natural treasure and its local community. 

Our goal has always been to support our local communities by ensuring a thriving economy that includes tourism. Many of those who visit are already familiar with our destination, so our current messaging is focused on responsible travel and stewardship education. Prior to the pandemic, but even more so now, encouraging people to spend time lakeside in the winter and at the resorts in the summer, as well as travel during off-peak periods, are strategies used to help mitigate human impacts.

There’s not a single solution or a single entity that can solve regional challenges, but the collective, collaborative efforts of many are already making progress.

Projects Selected to Receive up to $20M in Sponsorship and Multi-Year Funding

Fri | Sep 8, 2023

Projects Selected to Receive up to $20M in Sponsorship and Multi-Year Funding

As part of the NTCA’s new Community Vitality and Economic Health Investment Program, 17 projects and programs that benefit residents, businesses, and visitors in the areas of workforce housing, transportation, trails, and tourism mitigation services were selected to receive three years of funding support through the Sponsorship grant program.

The NTCA intends to work with each applicant to outline contingencies, key performance indicators, metrics of success, and other outcomes and parameters that will be considered in subsequent years when determining the continuation of funding.

The allocation impact of the funding supports initiatives in alignment with community feedback and Sponsorship program criteria:

  • Workforce housing: $7,900,000 (39%)
  • Trail Transit Corridor: $5,700,000 (29%)
  • Transportation: $5,242,558 (26%)
  • Tourism impact: $1,185,000 (6%)

Proposals approved by the NTCA Board of Directors as recommended by the TBID Zone 1 and TBID Advisory committees to receive $2,515,558 in TBID funding include:

  • BEBOT Beach cleaning robot 3-year deployment and youth/adult education, outreach and advocacy in North Lake Tahoe
    • Expanded beach cleaning to detect and remove debris including potentially harmful microplastics on North Lake Tahoe beaches.
  • Lease to Locals Program
    • Providing cash incentives to homeowners who rent their homes seasonally or for one year to qualified local employees.
  • Tahoe City Park & Ride winter operation (USFS 64 Acre parking lot snow removal)
    • Snow removal from areas at 64 Acres in Tahoe City to provide for 70 additional parking spaces for peak ski days from the start of January through mid-March, expanding the Park and Ride program from two to 26 service days.
  • Tahoe Wildfire Preparedness Guide
    • Production of a 50,000-copy publication created by Tahoe Weekly that provides critical wildfire preparedness information for locals, visitors and vacation homeowners.
  • Secline Beach enhancement project
    • Support planning and preliminary design for public recreation access upgrades and facility enhancements at Secline Beach to protect Lake Tahoe’s unique environment.

Proposals recommended to the Placer County Board of Supervisors by the NTCA Board of Directors, TOT and CAP committees for allocation of $17,512,000 in TOT funds include:

  • North Tahoe Trail Segment 1
    • A 2.4-mile paved trail connecting the North Tahoe Regional Park in Tahoe Vista to Carnelian Bay.
  • Tahoe City Downtown Access Improvements
    • Expansion of the Grove Street parking lot, including pedestrian access improvements for businesses and recreational amenities, and electric vehicle charging infrastructure.
  • TCPUD multi-use trail system (trail segment reconstruction project)
    • Reconstruction of aged and failing infrastructure in the existing trail system to address pavement cracking, root intrusion, visibility issues, ADA compliance, trail transitions, shoulder erosion, and drainage.
  • Resort Triangle transportation plan project component (SR89 & SR267 adaptive corridor management/transit priority)
    • Transit-only lane from Tahoe City to the Placer County line on SR 89, and on Northstar Drive to the Placer County line on SR 267. Enhancement of operations on steep grades of SR 267 and provision of a climbing lane specifically for trucks and transit vehicles.
  • Pam Emmerich Memorial Pinedrop Trail reconstruction and extension
    • Make the 1.5-mile paved trail the primary North Tahoe Trail trailhead location serving as the main access point to Lake Tahoe and the Kings Beach/Tahoe Vista community, and connecting to the North Tahoe Regional Park.
  • Kings Beach Western Approach Project
    • Converting intersections of SR28/SR267 and SR28/Brassie to a roundabout and enhancing landscaping throughout the project area.
  • Workforce Housing Preservation Program
    • Provide financial grants to local workers and homebuyers for the purchase of a deed-restricted home. Grants are available for 16% of the home’s purchase price, up to $150,000.
  • RTTP Project Component (TART Connect expanded service hours)
    • Extending service hours during non-peak season to provide a more equitable transportation option year-round.
  • Chalet Blanc mixed-use achievable housing project, Tahoe City
    • Contributing to 16-20 deed-restricted achievable rental housing units in downtown Tahoe City with mixed-use space inclusive of a restaurant space, and gallery/studio/lecture hall.
  • Dollar Creek Crossing
    • Contributing to the project development/entitlement and construction, including gap financing of up to 80 units of rental apartments, 20 units of for-sale homes, each with an attached junior accessory dwelling unit, with construction estimated in spring 2025 subject to entitlement and funding approvals.

Proposals recommended for a combination of TBID and TOT funding include:

  • Resort Triangle transportation plan parking management program in Kings Beach
    • Funding to support capital costs, operations and maintenance, and enforcement of the parking management program in Kings Beach.
  • Sierra Community House’s workforce housing advocacy and direct assistance program
    • Contribute funds to the Sierra Community House’s well-established Workforce Housing Advocacy and Direct Assistance program that provides grants for rent and utility assistance for eligible residents who are part of the local workforce.

The four committees convened by the NTCA reviewed the project applications and determined which investment opportunities to sponsor. The NTCA Board of Directors approved the committee recommendations for TBID-funded investment opportunities and recommended TOT-funded investment opportunities to the Placer County Board of Supervisors for their consideration and approval at their October 17 meeting.

Visitor Information Center Supports Business Community

Mon | Aug 21, 2023

Visitor Information Center Supports Business Community

One of North Lake Tahoe’s “best-kept secrets” is the power of its Visitor Information Centers. Over the last year alone, Visitor Information Center staff served over 50,000 visitors and provided over 39,000 referrals to area businesses.

Area business referrals were up 22% from the previous fiscal year, meaning that our Visitor Information Center staff referred visitors to local businesses over 110 times per day! Your TOT-TBID dollars are at work and we are proud to support the business community through these referrals.

Learn More about the Visitor Information Center here.

Scenic Overlook and Recreation Enhancements at Tahoe Vista Recreation Area Possible Through TOT-TBID Dollars

Sun | Aug 20, 2023

Scenic Overlook and Recreation Enhancements at Tahoe Vista Recreation Area Possible Through TOT-TBID Dollars

The North Tahoe Public Utility District (NTPUD) unveiled new public recreation and accessibility upgrades to the Tahoe Vista Recreation Area (TVRA), including reconstruction of the Lake Tahoe scenic overlook and pathway to improve access for recreational users with disabilities, environmental improvements to stabilize the site and prevent erosion, and installation of community kayak and paddleboard storage racks.

NTPUD’s primary lakefront recreation facility provides the public with year-round safe and convenient access to Lake Tahoe to swim, fish, kayak, and paddleboard, launch and retrieve motorized vessels, and recreate. The TVRA also serves as a Lake Tahoe Water Trail trailhead, providing a sheltered site to launch non-motorized vessels, with parking, restrooms, picnic tables, and drinking water.

The Tahoe Vista Scenic Overlook and Trail project was funded by the Placer County Tourism Master Plan Grant Program (which reinvests transient occupancy tax (TOT) in Eastern Placer County and is administered by the North Tahoe Community Alliance), the California Tahoe Conservancy Lake Tahoe Public Access and Outdoor Recreation for All Grant Program, and the NTPUD Recreation Capital Improvement Plan.

Read the full article here.

North Lake Tahoe's Local Businesses in the News

Tue | Jul 25, 2023

North Lake Tahoe’s Local Businesses in the News

Updated weekly, this blog series highlights a selection of North Lake Tahoe’s local businesses featured in the news. Send us your upcoming events or information and we’ll include you in forthcoming pitches to the media.

Week of September 3-9

These are the best places to catch fall colors in California
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Featuring: Sugar Pine Point State Park

12 Best Small Towns to Visit in Northern California
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Featuring: Tahoe City, Fire Sign Cafe, River Grill, Tahoe Treetop Adventure Park, North Tahoe Arts Studio, and Granlibakken Ski Area.

Week of August 20-26

The 5 Oldest Ski Areas in the U.S.
Tyler Hatch
August 25, 2023

Featuring: Ganlibakken Ski Area

Week of August 13-19

Looking for Labor Day Weekend Fishing Destinations? Try North Tahoe, Siskiyou County
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August 15, 2023

Featuring: Johnson Tackle & Fly Fishing Service, Sawmill Lake, Captain Chris’ Fishing Charters, Chuck’s Charter Fishing.


Week of July 30-August 5

The Best Things To Do in North Lake Tahoe
Savoteur & MSN Syndication
Scott McConkey
August 3, 2023

Featuring: Palisades Tahoe, The Tahoe Gal, Olympic Bike Shop, Truckee River Bikes, Tahoe City Marina, Old Brockway Golf Course, Tahoe City Golf Course, Kings Beach Miniature Golf, Magic Carpet Golf and Arcade, The Cobblestone Center, including The Hot Spot, Uncorked and Tahoe Tap Haus, Tahoe City Winter Sports Park, Tahoe Treetop Adventure Parks, Tahoe Adventure Company, Fire Sign Cafe and Gar Woods Grill & Pier.

Week of July 23-29

Tahoe City: Best Places to Eat, Sleep and Play
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Week of July 16-22, 2023

These Lake Tahoe parks offer cool perks, amenities for families
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Adventures in Adrenaline
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Week of July 9-15

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Week of July 2-8, 2023

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Time to Celebrate: The Best Places To See Fourth of July Fireworks in Every State in 2023
The Georgia Sun
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July 3, 2023

Featuring: North Lake Tahoe as one of the best places to celebrate the 4th of July, calling out the drone shows in Kings Beach and Incline Village. 

Leave the World a Better Place with These Responsible Travel Pledge

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Over $2.5M Reinvested in North Lake Tahoe between January 1 - June 30, 2023

Mon | Jul 10, 2023

Over $2.5M Reinvested in North Lake Tahoe between January 1 – June 30, 2023

Revenues generated by local businesses and North Lake Tahoe visitors continue to impact the community positively. Over $2.5M in funds generated by Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) and the North Lake Tahoe Tourism Business Improvement District (NLT-TBID) were allocated in the second half of the fiscal year ending June 30, 2023, to initiatives that are making progress on workforce housing, regional transportation, economic vitality, trails, recreation, and tourism mitigation.

“Because we now have access to two local funding sources, our community has the ability to reinvest in initiatives that our residents, businesses, and visitors need to thrive,” said Tony Karwowski, NTCA president and CEO. “Implementation of the NTCA’s new Community Vitality and Economic Health Investment Program also allows us to more easily vet and support projects, programs, and services with TOT and TBID revenues to improve quality of life.”

The North Tahoe Community Alliance recently launched a Sponsorship and Multi-year Funding Program as part of the new Community Vitality and Economic Health Investment Program and will roll out an Annual Grant Program to support projects, programs, and services that are suited for annual funding this fall. The program provides a framework to evaluate projects, programs, and services that TBID and TOT funds generated in the community will be used to support.

A complete NTCA Annual Report will be released in Fall 2023, however, what follows are some of the initiatives that have received funding during the second half of the fiscal year (January through June 2023):

Key Initiatives Supported by the TBID

Over $1.2M in TBID revenues have been allocated to:

  • Incubation of the Housing Hub, a new nonprofit organization being formed to simplify and streamline the process and time it takes to create workforce housing
  • Support for pre-development efforts related to the Tahoe City Downtown Access Improvements that will include parking and traffic flow enhancements
  • Local event sponsorship and annual partnership funding to support marketing and promotion of 2023 events (view the complete list of events that received funding here)
  • Sponsorship of the Lake Tahoe Ambassador program, which engages local youth to spread the word about environmental stewardship at highly impacted beaches and trailheads through the peak summer months
  • Marketing campaigns that are focused on stewardship education and responsible travel for both residents and visitors; this includes efforts with regional event planners to highlight and encourage stewardship among event attendees
  • Funding of the important work conducted by the Tahoe City Downtown Association and the North Tahoe Business Association in support of local businesses, plus select programs such as summer flower baskets and winter downtown lighting
  • Sponsorship of bike valet services at local events to encourage stewardship and human-powered transportation

Key Initiatives Supported by TOT

A total of $1.38M was approved by Placer County’s Board of Supervisors, as recommended by the NTCA Board of Directors:

  • Continuation of the free, on-demand microtransit service that is being offered year-round through TART Connect
  • Funding in support of the North Lake Tahoe Express Airport Shuttle
  • Continued funding of the Placemate program that incentivizes vacation homeowners to rent long-term to the local workforce

Funds generated by TBID assessments are managed by the NTCA with oversight from the NTCA Board of Directors and committees comprised of representatives from assessed businesses. Annual TBID revenues are used for responsible travel and stewardship education, efforts to offset tourism impacts, bolster a year-round economy, and support local businesses.

Funds generated by overnight visitors (TOT) are managed by Placer County. The Capital Projects Advisory (CAP) committee, co-convened by the NTCA and Placer County, the TOT committee, and the NTCA Board of Directors make recommendations to the Placer County Board of Supervisors for the use of TOT that is generated in eastern Placer County to contribute to projects and quality of life services like workforce housing, traffic reduction and transportation initiatives, bike paths and trails, and more. 

Additional TOT funds that previously funded the NTCA’s operations and tourism marketing efforts were “turned back” to Placer County when the TBID was implemented. Those turned-back funds are now being used to support workforce housing and transportation initiatives as recommended by the NTCA Board of Directors and the TOT committee.

Learn more about the TBID here.


Fri | Jun 23, 2023


North Lake Tahoe stakeholders:

I am contacting your today with great news! Thanks to advocacy efforts from all around California, and the direct activation of 946 individuals who sent in letters to Assembly Housing, we put a stop to SB 584 (Limon) for 2023.

SB 584 has been turned into a two-year bill, which means that it will not be heard in Assembly Housing & Community Development on Wednesday, June 28. The bill will be eligible for a hearing January 2024, if the author decides to move forward. It will still have to pass Assembly Housing and Assembly Revenue & Taxation and go through all of the similar hurdles it would have this year, but must move out of committees and off the Assembly Floor by the end of January. A much tighter timeframe and a steeper challenge for SB 584 to overcome. 

The next steps are that we will continue to monitor SB 584 and engage in discussions with the author’s office. If activation is needed, we will send out communications in 2024.

Thank you for your engagement on this critical issue! Together we raised our industry’s voice and asserted our economic impact on California’s economy. Thank you as well to CalTravel for their lobbying efforts on behalf of all of us in California.

You can see our original communication on SB 584 below.

Tony Karwowski
President and CEO, North Tahoe Community Alliance

Dear North Tahoe stakeholders,

I am contacting you to alert you to proposed legislation that will soon be up for a vote on the California State Assembly Floor and to request your immediate action in opposing the bill. If passed, it could have dire consequences for the health of our local economy and include other currently unforeseen impacts.

At our meeting on June 7, the North Tahoe Community Alliance Board of Directors elected to oppose the proposed bill SB 584. If enacted, the bill would impose a tax on the occupancy of a short-term rental (STR) in California at 15% of the rental price of the short-term rental. In North Lake Tahoe, this tax would be assessed on top of the 10% TOT tax and 2% TBID assessment already collected on STRs in Placer County that is being reinvested locally in transportation and workforce housing initiatives.

The bill would require all revenues (fewer refunds and reimbursement to the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration of administration and collection costs) to be deposited into a newly created Laborforce Housing Fund. From there, funds would be allocated across the state at the discretion of the state legislature, NOT earmarked specifically for the creation of workforce housing in North Lake Tahoe.

The North Tahoe Community Alliance opposes this legislation because:

  • SB 584 would make the tax/TOT/and assessment fees on an STR total 27% locally, making North Lake Tahoe uncompetitive as a tourism region.
  • This bill would give the state legislature decision-making power over how this funding is used, and could severely impact the generation of locally controlled TOT and TBID funds.
  • Today, 17% of homes in Eastern Placer County have STR permits and are major contributors of both TOT and TBID funds. These funds are reinvested locally in workforce housing and transportation initiatives and tourism-based businesses through programs that were developed with widescale community input.
  • Rather than help us, this bill could have a tremendous, negative effect on our local, tourism-based economy that relies on lodging of all types to support our economy.
  • In addition, these exorbitant costs could impact visitor length of stay, frequency of stay, and ancillary spending at other local businesses.

Here is an overview of the provisions:

SB 584 (Limon) Laborforce housing: Short-Term Rental Tax Law (Bill Text – SB-584 Laborforce housing: Short-Term Rental Tax Law. (ca.gov))

The author’s office has said they are willing to continue working with the STR industry on the bill’s provisions, but no meaningful negotiations have taken place, which is why the North Tahoe Community Alliance is joining the growing list of opposition.

Other agencies including CalTravel and CalChamber are in opposition on the grounds that the bill proposes a 15% tax increase on one industry (and just one type of lodging).

Please consider calling or emailing your Assembly member to express the negative impacts this bill would have on our region. The sooner the better. We’ve included a sample letter below, as well as the contact information for the State Assembly members that represent our region.

You can also use the sample letter to reach out the State Assembly members via the CalTravel message board. Simply copy the letter below, fill in the message board linked here, and hit send.

Feel free to reach out with any questions, and thank you in advance for your support.

All my best,

Tony Karwowski
President and CEO, North Tahoe Community Alliance

State Assembly Contact For the Tahoe Region

Assemblymember Megan Dahle

(916) 319-2001 or email via her website

CalTravel online message board – use the letter below to send via this easy online portal

Sample Letter

Dear Assemblymember Dahle,

Please consider voting NO or abstaining on SB 584 (Limon) Laborforce Housing: Short-Term Rental Tax Law when it is taken up on the Assembly Floor. The North Lake Tahoe region is vehemently opposed to this bill.

Our local economy is dependent on tourism, and if enacted, this bill could make us uncompetitive as a tourism destination. It could also create difficulties in renewing our TBID, which was passed by our local business community as a means of supporting community vitality, economic development, and sustainability efforts while freeing up TOT generated by overnight guests to specifically fund workforce housing initiatives in our area. 

Today, 17% of the homes in Eastern Placer County have STR permits, are a major funding source of our TBID, and already carry a 2% assessment, and 10% TOT.  These locally sourced and controlled public benefit dollars are reinvested to support transportation and workforce housing initiatives in the community. If passed, SB 584 would make the tax/TOT/and assessment fees on an STR total 27% locally.

North Lake Tahoe is not opposed to affordable housing creation, but adding additional assessments on one form of lodging to fund housing sets a bad precedent and could jeopardize our existing funding mechanisms in the future. The current AMI formula related to the proposed state program makes it difficult to utilize funds generated in our region to come back to the region for projects that support labor force housing.

Charging visitors a 27% total tax on their lodging could easily discourage them from traveling to North Lake Tahoe which would in turn affect other businesses in our community. Please consider voting NO on SB 584.

Thank you,

[Your Name]

Welcome New Chamber Members!

Thu | Jun 22, 2023

Welcome New Chamber Members!

Businesses and individuals that are not part of the TBID are invited to become North Lake Tahoe Chamber of Commerce members in support of our efforts to foster a continually thriving community. All members, regardless of TBID status, are entitled to all of the benefits NTCA members receive, including chamber benefits.

Welcome to our new Chamber members!

Become a Member

Introducing the Lake Tahoe Destination Stewardship Plan

Tue | Jun 20, 2023

Introducing the Lake Tahoe Destination Stewardship Plan

Lake Tahoe destination management, land management, and non-profit organizations launched the Lake Tahoe Destination Stewardship Plan by signing an agreement to create the first destination stewardship council for the greater Tahoe region. The plan outlines a comprehensive framework and sets in motion action priorities to better manage outdoor recreation and tourism and to ensure the sustainability and preservation of an iconic natural treasure and its local community. 

The plan’s vision and actions were developed in collaboration with 17 regional organizations and the participation of over 3,000 residents, visitors, and businesses through surveys, interviews, and workshops. By implementing this plan, member organizations and Lake Tahoe communities will reinforce their commitment to responsible recreation and tourism practices, ensuring the continued enjoyment of this national treasure for generations to come.

The Lake Tahoe Destination Stewardship Plan establishes a shared vision for the region’s recreation and tourism system: A cherished place, welcoming to all, where people, communities, and nature benefit from a thriving tourism and outdoor recreation economy. The plan identifies 32 actions across four strategic pillars:

  • Foster a tourism economy that gives back
  • Turn a shared vision into shared action
  • Advance a culture of caring for the greater Lake Tahoe region
  • Improve the Tahoe experience for all

Learn about the first ever Lake Tahoe Destination Stewardship Plan

Register for the virtual workshop on Jul 10, 2023 from 5-7 PM 


What Lake Tahoe Leadership Is Saying

“At its heart, this plan is about taking care of Tahoe for generations to come. With the entire region putting this strategy into action, we will be able to build a sustainable future for the Lake Tahoe environment that everyone can enjoy.”

Amy Berry, CEO, Tahoe Fund

“The launch of the Lake Tahoe Destination Stewardship Plan represents a significant step forward in preserving the natural beauty and cultural heritage of this beloved destination. It demonstrates the commitment and partnership of the local community, government agencies, and tourism industry to safeguard Lake Tahoe’s future.”

Tony Karwowski, President and CEO, North Tahoe Community Alliance.

“This plan responds to the need to balance a robust tourism economy, a fragile environment and thriving local communities, and the collaboration and commitment by our lakewide partners to achieve that balance is extraordinary and powerful towards achieving our shared vision.”

Carol Chaplin, President and CEO, Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority

“As the Tahoe region’s primary economic engine, tourism must be nurtured and shaped to support the wellbeing of its communities, visitors, businesses, natural environment, and cultures. It is everyone’s responsibility to safeguard and improve Lake Tahoe and its surrounding lands, tributaries and forests. To protect the quality of the Tahoe experience, it is vital to manage use while providing opportunities for all to enjoy it.”

Erick Walker, Forest Supervisor, Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit Forest

“The culmination of this plan and creation of Tahoe’s first destination stewardship council underscore the commitment we all share to a brighter future where the lake, our communities and visitors, and the backbone of our regional economy can thrive together. The diverse makeup of our region has put Lake Tahoe on the forefront of collaborative conservation and today that spirit of partnership is taking us forward to be a model for sustainable recreation and tourism as well.”

Julie Regan, Executive Director, Tahoe Regional Planning Agency

The Lake Tahoe Destination Stewardship Plan in Action

The Lake Tahoe Stewardship Council will actively engage with stakeholders, residents, and visitors to foster a collective sense of responsibility toward the destination’s sustainability. The plan will be continuously reviewed, updated, and adapted to address emerging challenges and opportunities.

This summer, visitors and residents at Tahoe will see destination stewardship programs in action, including Take Care Ambassadors at recreation sites and trailheads, expanded litter clean-ups, solar compacting trash cans, and coordinated stewardship education campaigns focused on visitors and outdoor recreation users.

What Can You Do To Be A Steward This Summer?

The Lake Tahoe Destination Stewardship plan was developed in collaboration with 17 regional organizations including the California Tahoe Conservancy, City of South Lake Tahoe, El Dorado County, Lake Tahoe South Shore Chamber of Commerce, Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority, Nevada Division of Outdoor Recreation, North Tahoe Community Alliance, Placer County, Reno-Sparks Convention & Visitors Authority, Tahoe Fund, Tahoe Prosperity Center, Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, Travel North Tahoe Nevada, USDA Forest Service – Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit, Visit Truckee-Tahoe, Washoe County, Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California.