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Employee Retention/HR

We’re laser-focused on boosting HR support and employee retention to propel local businesses to success. We believe that an engaged workforce is the basis of thriving enterprises, and that’s exactly what we want to cultivate.

Our workshops address topics like employee engagement, talent development, and work-life balance. Why? Because we want to help businesses create environments where every team member feels valued and motivated to perform at their very best. We believe successful employee retention isn’t just about having a skilled workforce – it’s about building a sense of community in our local business ecosystem.

The North Tahoe Chamber also has the ability to leverage the depth of the membership base into competitive pricing for Human Resources programs like ADP HR pro. This game-changing offering gives business owners greater access to services like payroll, live HR support, online employee training, and legal assistance.

Ready to elevate your HR game and foster a thriving work community? We can help you get started!

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