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About the Chamber

The North Tahoe Chamber’s purpose is to cultivate collaborative partnerships, serve as an engaging catalyst, and drive economic impact. Since 1954, the Chamber has supported a vibrant business community and enhanced the quality of life for North Lake Tahoe residents and visitors. Our priorities are realized through robust member benefits including, but not limited to access to business resources and regional information, networking opportunities, events, marketing and accounting support, workforce acquisition and training, and the formation of partnerships for talent development.


Our members are the fabric of our community and represent a cohesive group of visionary business leaders. United in their commitment to shape the strategic direction of North Lake Tahoe’s vibrant business community, they are also focused on addressing the most critical economic challenges facing our region.

Through the North Tahoe Chamber, members have a platform for dialogue and innovation, and come together to create a network of support. Together, we empower businesses to connect, engage in meaningful conversations, and take decisive action to cultivate a thriving community that benefits residents, businesses and visitors.


The North Tahoe Chamber’s priorities are developed in collaboration with the Chamber Advisory Committee and realized through robust member benefits that support local businesses and their employees and align with these six areas of focus:

  • Economic Development: Serving as a strategic catalyst, the North Tahoe Chamber continually provides the tools, resources, and investments necessary to fuel a vibrant business ecosystem that attracts and retains businesses, supports redevelopment, and contributes to prosperity, growth, and sustainability of our local business community.
  • Business Services: We provide our members with access to local economic data, market research, legislative changes, and industry reports to help them make informed business decisions. Member businesses are promoted through the Chamber’s website, newsletter, social media, and business referrals to help generate leads and enhance visibility within the community.
  • Community Vitality: The North Tahoe Chamber facilitates an environment where leaders and influencers from diverse industries converge, creating invaluable connections and partnerships. Thought-provoking forums, networking events, and peer support fosters a cross-disciplinary knowledge exchange and creates lasting benefits for everyone.
  • Visitor Engagement: We prioritize environmental stewardship and take a thoughtful approach to tourism. Visitor Center staff recommends sustainable experiences, and the Chamber educates North Lake Tahoe residents and visitors about how they can preserve the region’s natural resources and reduce impacts.
  • Workforce Development: The Chamber is a catalyst for workforce development, from helping businesses acquire high-caliber talent, to providing resources and training opportunities and forming partnerships to establish and maintain a talent pipeline.

Guiding Principles – ELEVATE

E – Everyone will do their part to care for North Lake Tahoe
L – Listening to our community’s voices is essential
E – Economic development will drive business growth
V – Valuable, measurable results will guide performance
A – Access to data will result in impactful decision making
T – Together we will solve our economic challenges
E – Engagement with diverse groups throughout the region is key

North Tahoe Chamber

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