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Virtual Job Fair

Talent acquisition emerged as the number one challenge for North Tahoe business owners in our 2023 Business Survey. In response, we’ve activated a powerful collaboration with Placer County and Golden Sierra Job Training Agency. Together, we’ll host regional job fairs twice a year, in the spring and fall.

Why virtual? We believe in leveraging technology to overcome geographical barriers and showcase North Tahoe as the ultimate place to work and live. These job fairs are not just about connecting businesses with high-caliber talent; they’re about creating a dynamic platform for job seekers.

What can you expect from our job fairs? These events go beyond the traditional job search by providing a platform for job seekers to explore various career options. Through innovative features like chat functionality, video presentations, and interactive sessions, participants can directly engage with hiring companies. It’s not just a job search; it’s an opportunity to connect and discover exciting possibilities.

Get ready to redefine how talent meets opportunity in North Lake Tahoe!

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